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What do I need to run this software?

In order to use this software to filter your email, you need to be running your mail program with 'procmail'.  

What language is Wordassassin written in?

Wordassassin was written in C++. This was used to get maximum speed and performance out of the application.  

How do I install this package?

When you are finished with your order you will get a link to download you version of wordassassin. Once you have this you are going to FTP the package to your users home directory.
Next you need to log in through a shell account, and execute the following commands.
  1. tar -xf filename.tar
  2. sh ./wasn-install
Thats it... Wordassassin is now installed and running! Look the the ".wordassassin" directory that was created to see the files you can edit such as the "badwords" and "whitelist" files.  

What are the proper permissions?

Hidden for Cyber Security...  

Where do my bad word list,white list, and configuration file go?

Your 3 files, go in the directory called ".wordassassin", which should be in your users home directory.
The files that should be in ".wordassassin" are -
"badwords" - contains badwords separated by new line
"whitelist" - contains email addresses to be white-listed, separated by newline
"config - contains tagging options  

What headers are put in a scanned email?

The following header is added to scanned email messages is "X-Wordassassin". and contains one of the following values.
X-Wordassassin: CLEAN
X-Wordassassin: BADWORD
X-Wordassassin: WHITELIST

How do I change the tag of bad messages?

Simply edit the "config" file, found in the ".wordassasin" directory. Edit the first line to say "tag", and the second line will contain the tag to be inserted in the subject.  

Can I turn off tagging all together?

Yes! Open the "config" file, found in the ".wordassassin" directory. Change the first line so it says "off", then save your changes. Bad emails will no longer have their subjects tagged.  

How can I automatically delete bad mail?

To automaticly delete bad email, you have to edit the file in your users home directory named ".procmailrc". Open this file and add the following AFTER the existing wordassassin commands.
* ^X-Wordassassin: BADWORD

How can I automatically forward bad email?

Add the following to your .procmailrc
* ^X-Wordassassin: BADWORD

How does my whitelist work?

Any email address in your whitelist will not be scanned for badwords. Each email address to be whitelisted needs to be separated by a newline. To specify a wildcard whitelist, simply supply "@domain.com" on a line, ALL email from whoever@domain.com will NOT be scanned for badwords.  

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